The last Nightmare—Memory

The last nightmare memory

I don't know how to tell you its story, or maybe there's no need for it. "Memory" knows everything about you. Since we were born, "memory" has been watching everyone. It has a strong interest in us who have life. Gradually, "memory" is infatuated with you. It sees such a strong soul for the first time, and you are on the "journey" Another failure, another death in the hands of other nightmares, but you never give up, every time you will climb up again, every time you grow up, "memory" respects you, but it is equal, "despair" is not willing to show weakness to you, it seeks "life" from "memory", and "despair" has become "death" just to communicate with you You fight again at the end of the journey, and this will be the last fight, no rebirth, no pity, until one of them fails completely. "Memory" will wait for you at the end, waiting for the final answer of your life.